Federal University of Campina Grande

Your National University or college regarding Campina Grande (Portuguese: Universidade National de Campina Grande, UFCG) can be a general public college or university whoever key campus is located in the town regarding Campina Grande, Paraíba, Brazil. With their National University or college regarding Paraíba, is it doesn't key college or university with the condition regarding Paraiba, Brazil. Founded right after splitting coming from UFPB within 2002, the item is one of the leading scientific and also scientific production institutes regarding northeastern Brazil, staying pointed out in a 2001 version with the Newsweek magazine to be a technopole - involving 9 additional world wide - that symbolizes a whole new perspective with regard to engineering. It was once again estimated within 2003 since the Brazilian silicon area.
The more expensive Education and learning inside the Talk about regarding Paraiba provides the roots inside the generation regarding the very first high schooling institution, the Northeastern Classes regarding Agronomy, within 1934, inside the city regarding Areia.

In the 1950s, the federal government project named "integration with the technical-industrial development with the State", made Campina Grande a whole new scientific and also national middle within Paraiba, which often granted the generation with the Polytechnic Classes - Your embryo with the UFCG. It focused on budget and also organization applied to local market segments. Money on the federal government provided the composition and also products for your institute, and also foreign organizations gave endowments.

In 1955, there was eleven Higher education institutes within Paraiba. Your Universidade National da Paraiba had been set up within Dec 1960, by means of condition law nº 1, 366. It is federalization had been mounted legally nº 3, 835. In 1973, the college or university council approved the change with the academic composition with the establishment, within solution nº 12/73, accordingly along with decrees nºs 53 and also 252, and also law nº 5. 540.
In 1963 the Polytechnic institution started to present a utility Architectural amount, presented by the teachers with the City Architectural team. With this year with, there was clearly the say regarding mentors on the National University or college regarding Pernambuco (UFPE), and the Aeronautics Design Commence (ITA) within São Paulo, along with with whom the college or university preserved in close proximity bonds inside the nineteen sixties and also 1970s. 

In 1967, the UFPB campus within Campina Grande acquired one of the very first supercomputers regarding Brazil, the U$$ 500, 000 IBM mainframe. Your Universidade National de Campina Grande had been set up legally nº 10, 419, having its key campus inside the area regarding Campina Grande, and is also today consisting of the Design Core, Humanities Core, and also Health and Organic Core.
Using 64 organizations in the region regarding It, which has a complete income of around R$ 35 millions annually, the engineering segment increases annually within Campina Grande, Grounds for your starting regarding a great number of corporations is the quality of degree inside the University or college regarding Campina Grande and key levels within Electric Architectural and also Calculating, plus the generation with the Technopole regarding Paraiba Paqtc-PB, gives fiscal, institutional and also tech support team with regard to these kind of fresh organizations.

Your UFCG Core regarding Sciences and also Engineering - CCT and also Core regarding Electric Architectural and also Calculating - CEEI are also liable for advancements in this area. Annually pretty much 50 % the pupils scholar within engineering career fields. International organizations like Ford, Motorola, Coca-cola and also Alumar, recruite fresh graduates each and every few months for his or her organizations within Brazil. Additionally, people like Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, CHESF, Petrobras and also Northel, created partnerships using the establishment and supply the majority of the endowment with regard to installation of fresh laboratories and also jobs.

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